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    I upgraded to a Super Pro on last week and thought I’d mark the occasion by writing a short review of what analytics offers.

    To begin with, is an analytics program which allows you to track up to 1,000 websites on. I know a lot of affiliates use their blog solely to plug different products but I can assure you this is not what I’m doing. does offer a 20% revenue share scheme for referring customers but I don’t think the extra $2/month for referring one person is going to help me buy a penthouse in London.

    This review is purely me promoting a really useful product.

    Monthly Subscription Price

    Let’s start with the price since that’s most important for new affiliates with small pockets.  The price for is FREE for just 1 website, $4.99/month for 3 websites, $9.99/month for PRO (10 websites) or $24.99/month for Super Pro (30 websites) which is what I’ve upgraded to now.  You can also add up to 1,000 sites on a custom deal but I doubt this is relevant to anyone reading this blog.

    Excellent Usability and Features

    What I love most about is its usability and features.  It’s very easy to install (comes with a simple plugin to install on wordpress sites) and it allows you to track multiple websites with ease.  I could probably add a new site to my account within 30 seconds if you pushed me.

    The homepage displays the last 30 days of traffic for each of your sites with a live streaming chart.  You can scroll down to see all of your sites, you can hover over the graph to see exact traffic for different days, and you can change the parameters for each site individually using the toggle settings (i.e. last 30 days, last 90 days, last 180 days, weekly, monthly etc).  You can also see any current visitors on each site.  I know it doesn’t sound much but being able to check monthly/daily traffic and trends for all of my 15+ websites on the homepage within 5-10 seconds is awesome and saves a lot of time.

    Website Dashboard

    If you click on a particular website you can find access to tons more information and features on that website’s dashboard.

    Clicking on a website takes you to the dashboard which displays Total Visitors, Actions, Average Time on Site, Bounce Rate %, Comparison of Today’s Traffic with Yesterday, Searches (keywords (e.g. buy gold x20), most recent, unique),  Most Popular Content and Locale (% of which country/city traffic is from).  Next to each stat is a % figure showing the increase since yesterday.  For example, I can see I’ve got +441% as many searches for a particular keyword on compared with this time yesterday.

    You can also see which top pages that visitors landed, exited, downloaded and clicked on in the Content section.

    You can click on any of the stats above to study the exact actions/visitors.  If you click on a particular keyword then you can view the full list of visitors who searched that keyword and their actions on the site (you can view their FULL list of actions). The ability to view each visitor’s actions is extremely important because it allows you to see what visitors are doing on your site, track outbound links and find your best conversion pages.

    Other great features about include the ability to view the different Platforms visitors are browsing through your site on (e.g. Safari, Mobile, Blackberry, Mozilla), the ability to Set Goals and Split Test Sites/Pages,


    The main reason why I like is because it allows me to track multiple sites with ease in a very user-friendly way.  You don’t need to be a technical geek to use it and it has a lot of cool features which are great for analysing visitors and making incremental improvements to your site.  Remember it is still FREE if you want to test it out on just 1 of your sites!

    Finally, I like being able to avoid Google Analytics because they probably use every piece of data about you that they can to improve their search engine rankings.  I also think is much better than Google’s analytics program anyway.


    Got the A* Approval from JDwan

    I don’t know if he’s reading this but a few months ago I recommended to JD and he said he was too cheap to pay for analytics.  Since then I think he’s become addicted to it. What more of a recommendation could you want?

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