February Affiliate Recap 2013

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    February was an awesome month for me, probably one of the best months I’ve had since I started my business.  For the first time I feel like I’ve come into my own, set myself up for the future, and built credibility in the industry.

    Among other things, I’ve learned from my partner how to better structure a business and not leak costs in bank transactions, prepare contracts and work in a professional level with AMs, and I’ve also learned a lot about PR, social media campaigns and how to outsource and run multiple websites.

    Outsourcing was a big thing for me last month, and I’ve now got some writers who can write and post content on my websites as well as some community managers to manage my social media accounts.  Using Google Alerts has also helped me a lot with content planning and keeping on top of things in various industries.

    February LAC Affiliate Conference

    The affiliate conference was great and we had a lot of fun.  I met up with Nick and James from Inbound.co.uk and in addition to watching a couple of the LAC presentations (David Naylor was great by the way), we did a video debate on the future of mobile advertising as well as soaking up any free drinks we could find.  We ended up talking to the owner of TheBookiesOffers.co.uk, who has some solid rankings on his site.  It was interesting to note how little poker affiliates from PAL there were (or the lack of a planned meetup like last year), which I guess is indicative of the state of the industry in the last year.

    I also managed to secure a big ad deal for one of my sites at the event, which made it definitely worthwhile.  Apparently the guy had been trying to reach me by email but it got lost in my junk box, so it if wasn’t for the LAC then I never would have got in contact with him.

    Earned a lot of Natural Links!

    One of the reasons why February was so cool was because I managed to earn like a dozen natural links across some of my sites.  I even wrote an article about it on SEJ, which should get posted early this week if I’m not mistaken.

    I know people say there’s no such thing as natural links in gambling, but now I think that if you write strong enough, engaging, unique content or reporting, and build relationships with the right sort of people and contacts online, and find a way to get your content seen by 1000s of people, then you’ll be surprised by the results.

    Starting a New Email Campaign and Launching an eBook

    This month we’ll be launching a new ebook on our BinaryOption.com site, which I’ll be promoting through as many verticals as possible.  It’s the first time I’ve created a proper eBook with professional design in PDF format etc.  I’m learning a lot of things from working on this site that I want to translate on my other sites too.

    My aim is sort of to create 4-5 sites which all have regular, fresh news content, add value to visitors and have social media managers which can be run on a break-even basis.  If I can just get sites to run break-even than that means over time they’ll continue to grow and turn into brands on their own, as well as increasing the size of my email list.  If I can outsource the on-page and social media campaigns on a break-even basis than it also gives me more time to focus on PR, SEO and expand the site in general.

    March Affiliate Goals

    My affiliate goals for March are essentially to keep building up my sites.  I’m aiming to put together a whole new jobs section on my Graduates site, which will require a lot of planning and investment.  I’m also tempted to get a new design and odds comparison software on my sports and gambling website but that probably won’t be done until April/May.

    I had a really good offer for one of my penalised sites last month, which I turned down.  Even though it was a really good offer, I’m really tempted to wait until the end of this business tax year in April before I sell any $x,xxx websites or domains so that I have enough time to re-invest that money without paying tax on it.

    Finally, I’m going on holiday to Israel on the 20th March until the end of the month so just going to try and get as much work done before I leave and have some fun in the sun.

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