February 2012 Affiliate Report and March Goals

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    February was a very productive month for me, both for AffiliateFYI.com and my affiliate network.  Had a bit of a scare when Bluehost deactivated my entire hosting account with 10+ sites on it for having too much comment spam, but I quickly sorted that out.

    AffiliateFYI.com News

    First of all, AffiliateFYI.com has been one of the projects that I’m most excited about right now, both in terms of potential and writing content for it.

    I uploaded more then 20 new posts to my blog in February (most of these were written by Andy and were over 1,500 words), did quite a lot of SEO, and so far traffic is increasing and I’m getting more long tail traffic from the search engines.  I made more then $100 from my blog last month, which is a massive milestone.  I also have 2 brand new eBooks to be launched in March (one premium and one free), which I’m looking forward to.

    In addition to that, I’ve been doing quite a lot of guest posts and interviews for other affiliate blogs and magazines (been asked to become a regulator contributor on one), which is cool.  I’ve already built quite a few more affiliate contacts in the last few weeks through AffiliateFYI.com.

    Finance Affiliate Network

    I spent most of my time in February working on a few of my finance affiliate sites and putting everything together.  I uploaded around 10-20 pages to each site, have half a dozen solid writers, plus I’m starting to see traffic increase.

    For the first time ever I’ve started making a decent amount from Adsense, which is something new.  I’m still aiming to increase traffic on my student banking site to over 5,000+ per month, so I have a very long way to go.  That’s the problem with Adsense – you need A LOT of traffic (e.g. 5,000+ per month) to make any revenue from it.

    I’ve finished off a couple of my other finance sites and worked on SEO for them, however I’m trying to take things slowly and let them age a bit.  Overall though I’m hoping to make more from my finance network then gambling over the next few months.  I also just want to say thanks to Magnus, who runs JamesForex.com and helped me out with something last month.

    Gambling Affiliate Network

    My gambling network is still going strong and I sold another $x,xxx ad deal across most of my sites.    I’ve got my eyes on a premium domain, which I’m hoping I can conclude a deal for in the next month.  I’m still slowly building up my gambling sites but it seems to me that there is far more potential in finance.  I’ve completely lost any real interest in poker, bingo revenue just isn’t there, and while I’m tempted to build a casino portal in the future, I don’t see how I could crack into any easy niches.

    March Goals and Email Opt-in Campaigns

    I’m going snowboarding at the X-Games in March so won’t get as much done as February, but I will continue some light SEO work on my finance sites and aim to pick up my first FTDs on a couple of those sites.

    One of my main plans going forward is to install free eBooks and email opt-in campaigns on at least five of my sites in Spring 2012, starting with my blog.

    I’ve got some innovative ways of capturing emails and increasing conversions on some of my sites (including my gold site), which I’m really looking forward.

    I’ve also been steadily implementing some things on my main sites with regards to Panda, building social followers and improving user-metrics.  Right now I’m starting to research how to find a good VA (Virtual Assistant) to help me with some of the workload.

    Anyway that’s all.  Hope you guys have a good one!

    P.S.  Watch this video if you havn’t already seen it!


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