Early January Affiliate Report

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    I’m going away snowboarding tomorrow and won’t be back until 2nd February so I just thought I’d do my January business report now.

    New Theme on StudentMoney.co.uk

    This month has been extremely productive so far.  I got a new theme designed and launched on my student money site (http://www.studentmoney.co.uk) plus I’m getting some really useful tools coded for the site whilst I’m away.  This will include a student loans repayment calculator and a weekly budget planner.  These will be useful tools for students as well as great PR and link bait for my site.

    I’ve also been doing a little PR and promotion for the site, teaming up with some core partners and charities such as NASMA (National Association of Student Money Advisors) and cash back partners.    I’ve got more content to stick up on site as well as some special deals and a few other things to get coded when I return.  The next step for the site is a strong SMO (Social Media Optimization) strategy, combining social networks with forum posts and social bookmarks.

    Writing and Contributing to more Newspapers, Magazines and Startup Blogs

    As I’ve gradually been outsourcing more work, it’s given me more time to write for other sites including newspapers, magazines and startup blogs.  This is why I haven’t been writing at AffiliateFYI.com as much as I used to.  I really enjoy writing for other sites, building my credibility and giving my expert opinion on things.  It also helps increase my connections and Twitter followers.

    I’ve written a few articles this month for various sites such as the Huffington Post and GrowthBusiness.co.uk.   I’m also aiming to become a regular monthly contributor for a couple of other business blogs too.

    New eBook and Business Deals for my Trading Site

    I managed to get a nice 10,000+ word eBook created for my trading site but I’m going to wait until I get back in February before I get it coded to the site and start a newsletter.  I’ve also got more plans for Investing.co.uk and I’m planning to focus all of my energy on building this up into a leading resource that covers everything, similar to money.co.uk.

    I’ve pretty much decided I’m not going to develop OptionsWinner.com and just focus in Investing.co.uk instead.  The reason is that I need to narrow down on my projects and this will pay huge dividends when it comes to my SMO campaigns.  My plan is to just focus on 4-5 sites this year (1 per industry).


    • One site for students
    • One site for graduates
    • One site for investing and finance stuff
    • One site for gambling (which covers sports betting and casino)
    • One site for SEO and marketing

    I think this is a pretty solid strategy, I honestly don’t see the point in having multiple sites in the same niche anymore.

    Ordered my First Business Card!!!

    I’ve ordered my first ever business card from VistaPrint.co.uk for the LAC in February, which you can see below.  It’s fairly basic in design. I would have got a custom one made but as I don’t have a special logo on ARGMedia.co.uk yet so I didn’t see the point.  250x cards for £24 seem like a good price anyway.

    If anyone fancies meeting me at the LAC in February then get in touch with me through the about page on this site.

    Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.21.33

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