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    This month one of my aims was to make a few of my sites mobile-friendly.  I found that around 60% of traffic to some of my sites such as MobileGambling.net was from mobile platforms such as the iPhone or Android, so I made it a priority to re-direct these mobile users to a mobile-friendly version of my website that I needed to be coded.

    I then found an excellent tool that automatically turns your website or wordpress blog into a mobile website, and then re-directs all mobile users to it.  And it’s completely SEO-friendly. It’s called DudaMobile.com.

    Duda Mobile Review

    DudaMobile.com turns your own website or wordpress blog into a mobile-friendly website that all your mobile traffic is re-directed to (non-mobile traffic still goes to your main site).

    You can set it up either for free on DudaMobile hosting, or on your own sub-domain like I’ve done here, http://m.mobilecasinobonus.org, which costs just $9/month.

    How to Use DudaMobile.com

    Most are you know that I’m a terrible person when it comes to technical or coding stuff, but I’m happy to say DudaMobile.com was very easy and quick to install.

    Just type your URL into the box on the homepage and press “Make My Website Mobile!” It then shows you a mobile version of your website within a few seconds, which you browse in mobile format.

    It’s pretty cool because integrates your header, logo and everything into the site (anything that can’t be displayed on a mobile screen is left out – such complex coding or tables).

    The DudaMobile.com website then provides a pop-up iPhone screen which lets you adjust the theme, browse your site, and see what your site looks like to mobile users.  It has a variety of themes to choose from (both for websites, or wordpress blogs like this) and then you can edit the individual pages how you wish.

    The great thing is that it’s 100% wordpress compatible and it automatically syncs changes you make to your main website to the mobile-friendly site (it also provides an analytics dashboard for your mobile site).

    If you want to install it on a sub-domain, you just add a new folder to your CNAME in your DNS Zone (following the instructions provided to you), and then you copy a paste a small line of code into your wordpress header, which re-directs all of your mobile traffic to that site.

    Monthly Costs and Features

    The Basic version of this mobile tool is free, but it’s got a number of limitations such as a maximum of 10 pages, Ads in the header and footer, plus you can only host it on a Duda URL (dudamobile.com/yourcompany).

    The Professional version, however, costs just $9/month and lets you install it on your own sub-domain, such as m.mobilecasinobonus.org.  It also comes Ad Free plus unlimited pages and bandwidth.

    SEO and Re-Directing Users to a Mobile Site

    A video from Matt Cutts (below) says that Google likes it when you re-direct mobile users to a mobile-friendly version of your website such as m.google.com

    In summary, there shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever with SEO in terms of making a mobile version of your site on a sub-domain because google uses a different search index and user agent (google bot regular and google bot mobile) to differentiate between a regular website and a mobile site.

    In other words, a duplicate mobile version of your website with the same content is absolutely fine.  You can also submit a mobile sitemap to Google through webmaster tools like this Google Webmaster Team Blog says here:

    Conclusion on Using DudaMobile.com

    I think DudaMobile.com is definitely the easiest product on the Internet for turning your website or wordpress blog into a mobile site and automatically re-directing your mobile traffic to it.

    In order to install it, all you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions provided by DudaMobile.com.  This includes inserting a short string of code into your header to re-direct mobile users to the mobile site, plus adding a new cname file to your DNS if you want to install it on a sub-domain.  The whole thing took me about 5 minutes to install and then maybe half an hour to edit a few of my main mobile conversion pages (but you shouldn’t have to do any of this if you just want to run it as a normal blog).

    For just $9/month I also think it’s an absolute bargain (I’d probably pay up to $100/month for this service).  I was just in the middle of hiring a guy $1k to code and re-direct users to a mobile-friendly version of my site, before I found this product.  So essentially, it’s already saved me $990.  You can also get a 20% discount if you use the annual plan.

    Make your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly Now!




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