December Review and January Goals 2013

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    Happy New Year to everyone that reads my blog!

    December was a pretty straightforward month and I managed to get some downtime to think more about my projects and come up with ideas to take my sites to the next level.

    A friend also asked me to join him and get a house in Thailand next April so I think I might do that and work there for a few months.


    First of all, income-wise it was pretty good.  I’ve got players on revenue share from the last 2 years, which are still earning me decent money across half a dozen operators.  It’s just nice to know that the hard work I did a year ago is still paying dividends in revenue (I genuinely never expected this revenue to continue so I just consider it all a bonus).  I’m also still bringing in a little traffic from Bing and other places which are still picking me up some RMPs on a few dead projects.

    Ideas and Business Strategy for My Projects

    I’ve managed to come up with some bigger strategy moves for some of my websites for 2013.  For example, on I had discussions with a major jobs website to implement a white-label jobs board on my site.   This will help increase traffic to my website, help add more value, and massively boost my SEO strategy from getting links from jobs directories, careers websites and Universities (basically using the jobs board as link bait).

    I’m really happy with my strategy for my bigger websites because regardless of SEO, traffic or profits, I feel like I’m building a really useful end-product that will pay dividends down the line.  For example, if I make a leading careers portal, investment portal or student money website then I can start marketing it with PPC, newsletters and social media down the line and forget about SEO.  Essentially the website’s content and features are the end product and I’m in no rush to get anything ranking or make money.  Every now and again I get advertisers getting in touch who want to pay for advertising anyway.

    Finally I decided I’m going to focus my gambling energy on a single, all-in-one website with weekly betting tips and newsletter.  As for my other premium gambling sites like and, I’ve been working hard to clean up most of the links and hopefully sell them down the line.

    Writing and Blogging as a Part-Time Income

    I mentioned briefly in my 2013 business goals that I wanted to write for some major blogs or newspapers and add credibility to myself as an industry expert.

    Thankfully I managed to get started on early by writing an article for the Guardian on Nominet’s decision to launch a consultation on a new domain.  I’m also planning to write for the Telegraph and Huffington post for a couple of my sites in the future, as well as contribute to SEO and Internet marketing blogs.

    New Projects:

    I’m not sure if I consider this a new project or not since it was something I was doing anyway, but I decided to launch my consultancy services and SEO blog on a new site,  The advantage of running another website is that it’s another asset in my business which I could potentially sell down the line.

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