December Recap and January Affiliate 2012 Goals

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    Hey everyone and Happy New Year to those that are reading my affiliate blog.

    I’m still recovering from an epic hangover and flu over the weekend (I was bed-ridden all of yesterday) so I’ll try to keep my goals in this post straightforward.

    December 2011 Recap

    December was a good affiliate month for me revenue-wise.  Some of my sites didn’t increase in traffic to the extent that I wanted, but overall I managed to keep building them up and add some solid content to those in finance.

    One of the things I was happiest about in December was finding some very high quality writers for what is an insanely cheap price.

    A lot of people on forums will keep telling you that you “get what you pay for” and if you’re spending less than $0.05c per word on content then your sites will be poor.  I think this is a huge exaggeration however – there are plenty of top quality writers on the Internet and lots of good deals to be made.  You just need to spend more time researching and networking to find good writers with a precocious knowledge of a subject.  A great example is my friend sam, who was writing for just $0.03c/word last month, and now he’s got a great full-time job as editor at  I’ve also now found a top quality ex-student and journalist writing for my new student banking site, who’s cheaper then most gambling writers to be honest.

    In terms of what I got up to in December, I outsourced around another 100 articles, planned a number of topics and found some long-term writers in the finance niche, further developed my mobile gaming sites and launched a couple of new projects in finance.

    Last week I  had a really productive conversation with my forex sub-affiliate mentor.  He’s basically negotiated me some of the biggest deals in the Forex and Binary Options industry for all of the major brands, plus I’m going to meet up with him at the LAC next month in Jan 2012.

    I also sold a couple of domains listed here on my blog for $xxx.

    Developing a New Website –

    I’m happy to report that I’m developing another new financial website,, in the binary options niche.

    I’ve actually signed a contract to loan this domain for 2 years, during which time I can buy the domain outright at any time.  This is the first time I’ve ever leased a domain, which is pretty exciting. The deal is that I pay 50% of revenue that the site makes upfront until I buy the domain for a fixed fee, which is really good for me because it means I can develop the site without paying any capital upfront or having any liabilities.  Then once the site is aged and getting traffic, I can buy the domain outright and make ROI very quickly.

    I also have 2 years to buy the domain so there’s no rush to raise the finance or anything, plus I can choose to let the contract expire if I wanted to.  In other words, I’m not under much pressure financially.

    January 2012 Goals

    Here are my affiliate goals for January 2012:

    • Increase Traffic and revenue (and add higher quality pages) to my mobile gaming sites
    • Update all my main sites with weekly news
    • Research new potential web designs
    • Find someone to record video reviews for my bingo site
    • Double RMPs on bingo site
    • Increase Traffic on Forex Site to 600 UVs/Month
    • Launch Student Banking website
    • Develop and Add 30 pages to
    • Have a good time at the LAC and make some new contacts
    • Research binary options brands at the LAC



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