December Goals & Email-Opt Ins

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    December Goals + Email Opt-in Lists

    November was a great month for me; I was going full blast like a Henry Ford production line and putting in more volume than a 32 table turbo SNG grinder on PokerStars.

    What did I Get Done?

    Income Goal: First things first, I matched my income goal for this month and the fact that I made an additional $220 on Full Tilt Poker was a huge bonus for me.  In the previous post I had written FTP off since their costs were ridiculous (to put $220 in perspective I only made $6 last month and I haven’t signed up any new players).  My site also generated some income on the side and I’ll be looking to exploit the US market as soon as they start releasing iPhone Apps over there.  I also think that during Christmas everyone is going to end up buying an iPhone/Smart Phone so they should increase my traffic quite a lot. Got a new header/design from Laurence at which I’m pleased with.  I’ve also got a lot of leg work done on this site, managed to add 15 new pages of quality content, plus improve my positions in the serps.  I did site re-inclusion request explaining that I was a new owner too since I had a feeling that the site was underperforming in the serps.  Literally a week later my position had improved massively so it looks like that paid off.

    Two new spread betting/FOREX sites: I put up two new spread betting and forex sites from the domains that I acquired, which are virtually finished and just need some seo work, already receiving a little bit of traffic though.

    Owned Godaddy: I picked up a number of great domains in godaddy randomly.  I had a conversation with Dave (doovde) yesterday about mobile gaming and ended up buying randomly half way through it trying to prove a point.  Also got and which should be good.  Two of the domains that I picked up for free this month I later exchanged for 2 PR2 blogroll links, which was very good business for me.

    my current email opt-in form on

    Catching Emails: Capturing emails is something that can make you far more money in affiliating, and I know that some people have been stating that the whole time, but it’s only now that I’ve really took it in.  If you start reading at any of the really successful affiliates who have blogs on the internet than you’ll see that a huge source of their income comes from their email lists and subscribed users.  Someone told me the other day that their mate was making $1-2k per day directly through their email list!

    I’ve implemented an email opt-in form on my poker tournament site, which so far has been pretty successfully in capturing around 2-5 emails per day.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to monetise it but I’m starting with a monthly MTT newsletter and ideally build some trust.  The brains to that plan can come later.

    I’m also going to put a kick-ass newsletter on my poker bankroll site which I definitely know how to monetise i.e. with re-load bonuses and monthly offers etc…I can’t wait for that site to get going and start working on it.

    December Goals

    My aim for December is to dominate the serps, quite literally!

    I’ve got around 5-6 sites that are on the first page of google.  It’s a pain in the ass being in 5th – 10th on first page of google since there is no money there. And I think that if I managed to get as many of those as I can to rank in the top 1-3 positions for their main keywords than I could triple or quadruple my current affiliate income.  Basically my aim for December is to get as many sites as I can into the top 3 places.

    It’s not just about serps though.  When I start getting good traffic/authority for my poker bankroll site I plan on covering all the angles and making it a solid brand – social media facebook groups etc etc…

    A nice surprise was to see my poker tournament site ranking 5th for its keywords, and if I could get that ranking no.1 than it would be a massive boost, with 2,000 extra monthly traffic a much better conversion rate among newish players.

    Finally, I hope that everyone has a nice Christmas.  You wouldn’t believe how much snow is falling in Sheffield, UK right now and at this point I’m actually too scared to sit in my conservatory.  I also can’t seem to find my car in the snow, but I’m using my sledge from now on as a temporary form of transport!

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