Converting Your Traffic into Sales

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    How to Convert Traffic in Affiliate Marketing

    I know this blog is mostly about ranking number one in Google but I really want to say a few things about converting your visitors in to buyers.

    Conversion really starts with getting targeted visitors. It’s not enough to just get visitors who are interested in the topic of your website; you have to get visitors that are interested in buying what you have to offer. This means ranking for different products and services in your industry and persuading your visitor to make a purchase. I went over this point extensively in the KW research chapter but I feel like I need to mention it again.

    After you get highly targeted traffic, half the battle is already won. If your conversion funnel sucks, you will still make sales even with just a few crappy banners and text links on your page. That being said, you can boost these sales by employing a few little marketing tricks. These are:

    Use multiple CTA’s: A call to action button asks your visitor to do something directly. An example of this would be saying, “Click here now to get $20 off when you buy XXX product”. In order to get higher click through rates you want to really entice the user to click. You can do this by using action words like: click here, buy now, subscribe today, opt in etc. When creating your call to action buttons you can use arrows and bright text that stands out for additional effect.

    Emphasize benefits not features: No one ever buys something because it has neat features. People buy stuff because of the benefits. For example, people do not care that a piece of link building software uses social bookmarking in order to get links. That is a feature. What they care about is ranking number one and making a ton of money from that ranking. That is a benefit. By understanding your target market and what they ultimately want, you can tailor your copy to entice them in and make a sale.

    Build trust: People buy things from people they like and trust. Nowadays people are incredibly sceptical about believing information they read on the internet. If you build yourself a reputation as someone who provides real value and isn’t just a fly by night salesman, you increase the odds of your visitors purchasing from you.

    Think about it, have you ever bought something because a friend recommended it to you? Sure you have. Was your friend an expert on that product they recommended? Probably not! The reason you purchased what they recommended was because you liked them and trusted their judgement. For people to buy off you, you don’t need to be an expert, don’t get me wrong that definitely helps. You simply need to be someone that they like and trust.

    Use scarcity: Have you ever seen those internet marketing product launches where they say they are only selling a certain number of products and are then closing the doors after they have sold that number? That is scarcity at work. Scarcity is an age old marketing tactic used to make people act. Car salesmen and realtors use it on a daily basis to try and urge people to take action by faking demand for their product. The sad thing is that this works and it works extremely well. People do not want to miss out on an opportunity, so if you can make your visitor feel that the opportunity will go away unless they act now, you will increase your conversions.

    Disarm your visitor: People really have their bullshit detectors up when it comes to buying products online. As soon as you go in for the hard sell many people will be repelled because they hate being sold to. In order to get around this you have to disarm your visitor and make them think you are not selling them a product. To do this you have to make people like you and trust what you’re saying. Once they believe you and trust you they will buy whatever you want them to. In order to make people trust you, you have to make them relate to you.

    Take me for an example; I frame myself as a regular person. I don’t claim to be anyone special; all I claim to be is a regular dude who has had some success at ranking websites in Google. I can relate to my audience and understand their struggles. I can do all of this because once upon a time I was in the exact same shoes as my many of my visitors.

    Conclusion on Marketing

    I am definitely not a marketing expert but I get away with not being one by getting extremely targeted traffic. The more interested your visitor is in what you’re selling, the less you actually have to convince them to buy your product.

    In terms of strategy, I don’t really go in to writing product reviews or marketing sales pitches with any particular goal. If you are a consumer in your niche it definitely helps because you will have a deeper understand of the wants and needs of your visitors than the typical internet marketer. Most of all, if you come off genuine, likeable and just that your actually care about your visitors and their welfare, you will be a step ahead of most internet marketers.

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