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    The following article was written by Wes.  Wes is an experienced online gaming affiliate and a former pro poker player.  He has also written his own poker ebook entitled “Kill No Limit” which I’m currently promoting on one of my sites!

    Building a Big Website

    In a previous article, Adam talked about the benefits of building a network of small mini sites. This has always been an interesting debate, so I’d like to talk a little bit about the pros and cons of building a big website. I think that in the mini-sites vs. big sites debate, there are advantages to doing it both ways.

    Challenges of Building a Big Website

    1. It is difficult to differentiate yourself

    If you do not have some sort of ultimate purpose or mission statement, you will fail to differentiate yourself from all the other people who do the same thing as you. Once you get all your poker site reviews posted and get a few strategy articles up, what comes next?

    You have to have some sort of long term goal with your big website. For example, the goal of my newest project, is to earn the trust of my readers by giving them high quality information and always being 100% honest with them. My plan is to go way above and beyond the usual salesman approach that most casino portals take.

    2. It is difficult to get things rolling

    A big website requires great time and effort before it starts showing results and getting traffic. The problem is that big websites do not have the same, specific focus that mini sites have. A mini site has an exact match domain and it provides players with exactly what they want quickly.

    A large website takes a long time before it becomes a trusted resource. You have to be willing to work many hours without seeing results before a big website starts picking up steam and generating any sort of income. Many would-be affiliates give up before they ever give their mega portals a chance to shine.

    Big websites also have a hard time getting started because they do not target specific keywords. A website like “” is not going to show immediate results like a “” website does. Big websites do not have the advantage of going all out on a specific niche.

    Advantages of Building a Big Website

    1. You gain authority status

    Once you make it through the initial barriers, your large website can become an authority site. What that means is that people actually know the name of your website and they come specifically to you for information. You also start getting natural links and become important in the eyes of Google.

    2. You are no longer a slave to Google

    Big websites do not rely entirely on Google to get results. If you develop a well rounded poker or casino portal that people trust, you’ll get repeat visitors, people will bookmark you and you’ll start to get type-in traffic.

    Eventually, you break the chains that tie most webmasters to Google. If the Google algorithm suddenly changes, you’re not left in the dust. You have a ton of pages, you get longtail traffic and you have a lot of people out there who know who you are. At some point, you want to become so large that people would think something was wrong with Google if they searched for you and you didn’t show up in the number one spot.

    3. You are no longer a slave to certain affiliate programs

    Mini sites that target specific poker rooms are slaves to their affiliate programs. For example, a lot of people were hurt when PokerStars suddenly changed its terms and cut affiliate revenue by 50% or more. People with small mini sites that targeted PokerStars were just out of luck.

    With a big website, you can roll with the punches a lot easier. If your number one poker room suddenly decides to screw its affiliates over, you can simply remove them and replace them with someone else. You still won’t be happy about it, of course, but at least you won’t be dead in the water.

    4. Google likes brands

    I know this sort of contradicts the advantage gained in point #2 from above, but it’s still worth mentioning. Google has stated multiple times that they want to improve search results by giving ranking preference to branded websites. Apparently, Google feels that large, branded websites are more “natural” than exact match domains that focus everything on ranking for a single keyword.

    5. You have flexibility

    With a large poker or casino portal, you have complete freedom to explore new areas. If you have a mini site that focuses on a specific subject such as “small stakes fixed limit Omaha,” you’re going to have a hard time finding a place for that great sports betting article you just wrote.

    A big website isn’t stuck with a specific subject. If you want to add a 50 page section devoted to baseball betting (or whatever random topic you want), you can do that and it will add to your website rather than confuse the heck out of your visitors.

    6. You can sell out for life changing money

    Big name websites are valued more highly than mini sites. Large websites are viewed as safer investments so people are willing to pay more than just “earnings times X months.” Big websites have staying power and they can make money in any climate because they reach so many people every month.

    Not only can you sell big websites for a lot of money, but you can also sell advertising space on them for lots of money. Online poker rooms and casinos have been known to rent space on large portals for a specific amount of money every month. That extra guaranteed money every month can be a real life saver in our rapidly-changing industry.

    Hard Work Always Pays

    No matter which route you go with your websites, the one thing I can tell you for sure is that hard work always pays off. You might spend a lot of time figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, but eventually you get it right. No matter how long it takes, hard work always pays off in the end.

    If you’re willing to bust your rear-end and come up with high quality content day in and day out, you will eventually make money with it. It takes some people longer than others, but the people who work hard always eventually succeed.

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