Bought Two New .co Domains, Resurrecting Penalized Sites and Consultation Continues

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    New Ideas and Progress with

    For some reason, I’ve been feeling in a much better mood since the beginning of this month.  I’ve had new visions for some of my projects plus feel better about my business position in general.

    First of all, I’ve got some impressive plans into how I’m going to develop  I’ve already published a postgraduate funding eBook and done some outreach for that, however I also have plans to launch a postgraduate funding directory for different University scholarships, funds and grants (similar to the website).

    I think once I hit a certain mass I’ll be able to start charging Universities to add their own bursaries and departmental scholarships to the site.  In addition to the above, I’ve signed up to a couple of affiliate programs which offer practice numerical and psychometric tests for graduates, plus I’m considering adding a white label powered graduate jobs board to the site in the near future.

    I’ve also got a couple of PR campaigns planned down the line, which I’m hoping will get me some national coverage.

    New .Co Domains and Projects

    I’m a huge fan of the .co domain.  I honestly think it’s going to become the defacto extension of choice after .com (and  It’s also extremely under-devalued at the moment, as many affiliates have never heard of it or appreciate its value in SEO.

    Anyway, I’m pretty excited to say that I bought yesterday, as well as registering for $10 a couple of days earlier.  Other .co domains in my portfolio includes and  I did consider purchasing recently, although I thought it was a bit too expensive to purchase without any reasonable intent to develop it.  I also own anyway so didn’t think it was worth it in the end – although it looks like it has a new owner since I last checked.

    My plans are to de-index and re-launch a few of my Penguin’d sites on these new domains to give them new life.  This includes >, > and I’m considering moving > (even though it isn’t penalized).

    One of the reasons I’m developing these EMDs is because I’m still waiting for two of my bigger sites to recover from the original EMD update, which was over 7 months ago.  Rather then waiting for a refresh, I’d rather balance my business risk my developing these new EMDs and taking advantage of the update interval. This way, if there’s no new EMD refresh then these new sites will prosper, whilst if there is an update then it gives my other sites a chance to come back.

    Nominet’s Announcement

    Nominet (the organization which manages the UK namespace) has launched round two of its initiative, i.e. bringing out the 2nd level extension in addition to the existing

    For me personally, it gives me a new UK domain that I can launch my penalized UK projects on.  This is pretty good news considering it also doubles my assets in premium UK domains.

    I’m unsure whether the consultation will get passed in its current form.  It still seems a little unfair to give first right of refusal of the new .uk domain based domain registration age between, and owners.  I think most agree that the new domain should be given to the holder directly.

    Also, in the last 7 months since first launched the consultation, they have been actively promoting domains to UK businesses on their website  It seems fraudulent and flat out illegal for them to be heavily marketing the domain to businesses when they’re planning to launch .uk in 2013/14 behind their back, which could go to a completely different owner.  Imagine purchasing a for your business only find that someone else will own the .uk version 6 months later.  I’m not a lawyer but I imagine they’ll be plenty of lawsuits heading their way.

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