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    Why Having a Network of Small Mini-Sites Pays Dividends to one Big Site

    In this article I’m going to explain the advantages of new poker affiliates starting off working on a network of small mini-sites and the benefits of economies of scales, as opposed to working on one huge site.

    Instant Results

    example of link wheel and how to use a network to build links

    First off, you’re going to have much faster results working with a mini-site targeting a specific exact phrase or niche.  Exact match domains, which I tend to always look out for before targeting a niche, get a massive boost from search engines like Google in particular.  I can only estimate by what I’ve seen so far, but I think a site with an exact match domain only needs around 50% or less of the backlink profile that a non-exact site ranking for the same term needs.

    Because appearing on the first page or top 1-3 places in google is faster with an exact match site, you’ll make money far quicker than you would trying to rank for long-tail words.  With long-tail keywords the traffic>conversion rate is much lower, meaning that you need massive volume of traffic to make poor conversion rates profitable.  As an example, I’ve seen from my own sites that a phrase like poker bonus will convert at around 2:1 (50%) where as poker strategy will convert at around 200-300:1.  Regardless of the long term value of these players, if you’re working on CPA than the former site will earn you money faster.

    Economies of Scale in SEO

    I can’t reiterate this point enough, and it’s probably why most new poker affiliates fail.  Making your 1st site and getting it to start ranking and making money could take 6 months+, but with once you have a network of sites and experience in link building any new site can be making you money within a month (or even 2 weeks if the term isn’t competitive).

    First off, having a network means you can instantly use your own sites to build a backlink profile.  Whether you use your resource page links or more authoritative links from your inner pages or even homepage, it all makes a massive difference.  If you have 5 PR2 sites than that alone is an amazing start.  It might only take you a couple weeks to build a brand new poker site with PR1 status (or a month for PR2).

    Secondly, having a network of sites also means you can use that for 3-way link exchanges with other affiliates, as opposed to directly inter-linking your own sites.  If I have an authoritative PR3 site PokerBoy, and I’m looking for links to my new site PokerGirl, than I can ask webmaster to do 3-way link exchanges from PokerBoy and point links to PokerGirl.  This removes any risk of google penalties that arise from interlinking your own sites in the footers etc.

    (Small tip, I try not to inter-link my sites needlessly.  As long as the link or website that you’re inter-linking to is related or added-value than it shouldn’t be a problem.  I also don’t link to other sites in the footers).

    Lastly, if you’ve already built a network of mini-sites than you should have a “success formula” and good array of contacts on skype to exchange links with.  By success formula, what I mean is that you can start planning out who you are going to get links from and make an ETA or object for how long it will take you to get a site ranking.  I give the mini-sites that I work on at the moment an ETA of about a month to start ranking on the first page (preferably top 5) spots in google.  I could probably make this shorter but I don’t want to build links too quickly and over do it.

    Higher ROI Per Article

    My first site that I built has around 250 pages of content (very unique and value-added content which is time consuming).  Let’s say this site makes me $500 per month, that than equates to $2 revenue per article each month.

    On the other hand, I’ve built mini-sites with 20 pages of content that make me $200 per month.  That means each article makes $10 per month, which represents a much better ROI per article that you write or buy.  It’s also interesting to note that while $20 for a 500 word poker review might seem like a lot in the beginning, you can see how such conversion-orientated articles, e.g. reviews, can pay themselves off within just 2 months.

    No Risks of Sites Being Penalised

    If you are totally dependant on a PR4 site that gets 10,000+ traffic per month, than you are also taking a risk in that if your site gets penalised by google you can lose everything.  If you have lots of smaller sites then you don’t have to deal with this risk, and even then you can still use link-juice from penalised sites to others via 3-way.

    Easier to Sell Off Part of a Network or Sell Links

    With a network of 20+ mini sites you can sell them off individually whenever you need to raise funds quickly.

    You can also easily sell off links on mini-sites for around $100 per 6 months or $200 per year.  With a maximum of 5 homepage/blogroll links sold on each mini-site you can then make $1,000 per site per year instantly without really damaging your rankings at all.

    The problem with having a big site is that you don’t really want to sell links on something that is such a rare resource to you, and even then you will be limited to how many you can sell.


    As you can see, I am very much Pro mini-sites in the mini-sites vs big site debate.  However, you still have to bear in mind that this isn’t an either/or type of argument.  You can still make mini-sites whilst working on one primary big 200+ page site, but as a new affiliate you’re going to waiting a lot longer for results with a big site, plus you’ll probably find it easier making niche mini-sites and learning quickly as opposed to working on one big site that you might give up on after 6 months and making a measily $30.

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