Back from HK, Chopping and Changing my Network

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    I just got back from Hong Kong the other night.  I’m still pretty tired from the jet lag and everything but I wanted to put up a quick post before the end of October.

    Basically, my strategy going forward is going to involve some chopping and changing to my network, probably selling off a few sites, and concentrating on 2-3 sites going forward.

    I’m also tempted to build a new Forex site (my current spread betting site is still penalised in the search engines).  I reckon I have a good advantage in this niche since I’m probably the only affiliate I know who can write good content for it.  I also have a bunch of good financial contacts, which will help with both SEO and marketing.  It’s still really annoying that there aren’t any legit Forex affiliate forums on the internet (this would be a really good idea for anyone interested in investing in a new forum).

    The traffic to my new snoods and eReader sites is pretty impressive. Both are getting 1,000+/month now but it’s just a case of monetising them properly and re-investing in more content and research or reviews.  I’ll probably need to hire someone to build a nice products review table on the eBook site.

    Since black Friday I’ve made $0 from US programs.  Starting from November I’m going to be re-marketing US programs to players across my poker, sports betting and casino sites. This should hopefully bring me around $500 extra per month.  I still don’t trust US markets but when you’re turning away a ton of traffic for nothing then there’s very little to lose.

    The sites that I want to really invest money into are, and  My bingo site picked up its first bunch of real money players this month and I think it has a lot more potential than what I’ve done with it so far.  I think the best, most obvious strategy is to be collating a section of news and promotions for bingo bonuses at different sites.

    As for my mobile sites, I just really like these domains and think it’s going to be a nice niche to work in.  From my honest experiences, mobile gambling revenue and average player value isn’t very good.  But that being said, it’s a pretty niche area and not too competitive.  Enough to make some $x,xxx revenue anyway.

    The really good news about the end of October is that my 3-month advertising deal across my gambling sites has expired.  This means I can take them down and be promoting programs with my own affiliate links, which should be a big boost to my monthly revenue.

    Anyway, I think I’ve covered everything.  I literally haven’t written anything or been on my computer for more than 10 minutes in the last 2 weeks so this was weird lol.



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