August Report and August 2012 Affiliate Goals

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    August was a fairly productive month for me.  I uploaded a lot of content to my new CPM sites, plus kick-started a couple of projects and uploaded some pages here and there.

    August 2012 Recap:

    • Outsourced and Uploaded 80 pages of content to
    • Outsourced and Uploaded 40 pages to my student site.
    • Set up hosting for and (1 page site)
    • Got 2 guest posts up here (interview with James and setting up SEO campaigns for clients)
    • Built up traffic, did a little SEO and edited a few pages on my two new sports sites
    • Provided some SEO training for one of my clients
    • Launched a quick consultancy website at
    • Researched website designs and planned some new content topics for my sites
    • Saved up some more money in my business.

    September Goals

    I’ve saved up quite a lot of money to invest in a wattage of content for my CPM sites, so I’m basically going to be coming up with lots of topics, send them out to writers and upload the pages.  I’m also trying to find a couple more high quality UK writers for property investment, trading and spread betting content.

    I’ve also been having a little browse at SEO jobs on the and website.  The thing with my business is that it can technically take care of itself and if I wanted to then I could find a good part-time or even full time job.  All I need to do is outsource the content, hire my editor to upload it all for me, and then build a few links here or there.  I could choose to either do all this myself, outsource it and relax a little, or outsource it and get a job.  I’m not really sure what I want to do but I do want to save costs for the moment.  It’s nice to see some SEO and Digital Marketing Consultancy jobs paying £30-£80k in London, which I’m sure would also be a huge learning experience.  I’ve got just under 3 years of experience managing SEO campaigns, which I think is pretty valuable experience and knowledge.

    I desperately want to increase my knowledge and experience running PPC and social media campaigns.  I’ve been thinking that social media traffic, brand building and CPM deals go hand in hand with each other.  I’m planning to hire a student at University (£10/hr) to manage a social campaign for me on Twitter and Facebook and see how it goes.

    Anyway, my goals for September are:

    • Upload 40-60 pages of content to
    • Increase traffic, do some SEO and monetise my two new sports sites
    • Upload 20 pages, install new theme and do some SEO for my student site
    • Do a couple of helpful guest posts elsewhere
    • Get active in social media and possibly hire someone to run a campaign for me
    • Increase my knowledge of PPC campaigns
    • Add a few more pages to my consultancy website

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