August Business Recap and September Goals

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    August was an insanely productive month for my business.  I achieved more in the last 30 days then in any other 2 or 3-month period.  I also bought a few more domains that I think will add a lot more value to my education network.

    Two Successful PR Campaigns

    First of all, at the beginning of the month I ran a fairly successful PR campaign for my graduate careers website.  It landed my site in a number of national media outlets including the Times Higher Education, the Associate of Graduate Recruiters, BBC China and a number of other student sites.

    I also ran another PR campaign for one of my gaming websites, which earned me a few links here and then (including one from the Israeli government’s website!).

    Expanded Websites

    As I’ve mentioned in the last few months, I’m spending 90% of my time focusing on just two sites in the higher education and investing industry.

    I added around 70 pages to my investment website and have around four writers working around the clock on content.  One of my writers has also written for, which I think shows the quality of his stuff.

    I also added another 75 pages or so to my education website, including a gap year travel, graduate schemes and money section.  I spent a few days doing outreach for Universities, which also paid off a bit.  I’m now planning to add a graduate schemes deadline date calendar, increase email opt-ins across the site and add some premium CV and cover letter products to sell on the site – all part of a strategy to monetize it better.

    New Domains and Building a Higher Education Network

    Considering that I own, I managed to do a good bit of business by purchasing and as a pair. I don’t I plan to actively develop either of these sites yet, however I am planning to move one of my older student sites over to in October/November.

    Personally I bought these two domains because they add a lot of value and options/scalability to my business.  If I ever decide to sell then it gives the buyer new ways to scale the business.  It also gives me the option to develop a large education network that adds real value to the community.  (Remember that I also own, and

    I also managed to buy 4 dropped domains in the education industry last week from some friends – including a PR4 site.  Each of them has strong, relevant backlinkse from Universities, community and education websites so I think I can put them into good use in my business.

    Investing in PPC, FB Ads, Lead Generation and Products

    My primary business goals now are to create my own line of products that I can market through PPC, FB ads and display advertising.  I’ve given myself a set budget of $xx,xxx to achieve this.  I basically want to become an expert in alternative marketing channels including PPC and FB ads as well as learn to make money outside of SEO.  I already know plenty of affiliates and businesses making thousands of dollars per day in PPC through lead generation so I watch to catch up on everything I’ve missed out on over the last 3 years.  There’s a really interesting PPC academy at which a friend recommended to me here.

    My priority now is just to restructure my business into selling and marketing products either through my sites or by building email lists and run campaigns to optimize my email list subscribers.  I’m also focused on exploring new ways of monetizing my education websites, which includes graduate jobs boards, premium products, careers services, eBooks, competitions and featured recruiters.

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