August Business Goals and July Recap

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    June was an interesting business month for me with lots of chops and changes.  I went to Portugal at the beginning of the month and when I got back I relaunched a bunch of sites on new domains.

    First of all I realised I had to split my business into two sections:

    1. Focus on large brand projects, where I’ll literally spend thousands of dollars on hiring writers, editors, social media managers and utilising PR contacts.

    2. Run a few smaller affiliate sites to take advantage of the current short-medium term SEO climate.

    After ending my partnership one of my sites, I’m now going to focus on building two large brand sites: and

    The former is a graduate careers advice, jobs board, postgrad study, gap year and startup business website (essentially listing all of the options available to graduates after University, you can view the new Startup Business Section here and “How to Build a Website Business” guide here), while will be a financial trading and investment community.

    With regards to my smaller affiliate websites, which I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’m basically aiming to just create really high quality niche sites that can make around $1,000 per month each and then possibly flip them.  I don’t want to spend too heavily investing in content, social media and SEO (since these are only small websites), but I do want to make sure they’re high quality for users.  The worst that can happen in my opinion is I can use them as part of a network to help channel traffic to my bigger sites.  This will also give me more leverage with different types of advertisers.

    All of my smaller affiliate websites will be for sale at the right price too.  This has been one of my biggest regrets in the last 3 years – not selling sites whilst they were making money.  Selling sites while they were earning would’ve greatly lowered my risk and diversified my revenues. For example, if I had a site earning $1k/month than I could have cashed out for $15k and smartly re-invested the money elsewhere.

    Focusing on Community and Brand Building

    I feel like I’ve written a lot on the importance of brand building in the past but never really took enough action.  I’m giving this another push now.  I’m going to make my two brand sites much more community focused – including a Q & A section or forum, incentivise users to sign up to a user database, active Twitter and Facebook accounts and split test some Facebook advertising campaigns.  For those who are interested, this PPC/Facebook Campaign case study by is a really interesting read.  He explains how he used Facebook Campaigns to build an email list by paying only $0.30 per email subscriber.

    Moving Away from EMDs to Brands

    I’m starting to change my attitude, preferring to develop a brand site instead of a premium domain.

    I think the problem with developing premium domains is that it’s becoming more risky and expensive.  For example, you have the infrequent EMD updates, new gTLDs (which could make EMD’s harder to brand unless you have a trademark like Amazon), and finally you have less flexibility in terms of moving to a different domain after a penalty in the future.  You’re sort of “stuck” with your domain because of the value it adds to the website.  The final reason is that by only developing premium domains, you end up limiting which projects you choose to develop.

    Overall, I just think money would be better spent investing in great content, usability and a sustainable long-term business rather than sinking a huge amount into the domain.  Domains can still be great investments – but for a website development business I think you need to balance the risk a bit more and give yourself more flexibility.  At the end of the day premium domains won’t bring consistent revenues and turnovers.

    August Business Goals

    My August business goals are as follows:

    • Install a Q & A section on Graduates
    • Add 10 pages to one of my smaller spread betting sites and improve it a little (e.g. improve title tags, external links, update content and tables)
    • Add another 30 pages to with a little SEO
    • Promote my recent PR for Graduates and try to get featured in national press
    • Add unique tools and more professional content to the site
    • Install a user opt-in to create a user database across the site and build a community

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