April Goals + Re-investing in New vs Existing Sites

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    March was another great month for me and I continue to keep building my sites and increasing traffic.

    I think right now I’ve got to the point where I need to make sensible decisions about where I invest my money.  90% of it is still going straight into SEO but I need to think about whether to invest in new or my existing affiliate sites.

    Although most experienced affiliates would strongly suggest re-investing my income in my bigger sites with lots of potential, I believe there is a far higher ROI investing and building smaller niche sites.

    Yes, the risk is higher investing in niche mini-sites like iPhoneGambling.org but I don’t honestly think I’d see the same ROI investing in large sites.

    When I build a mini-site like MobileCasinoBonus.org (which I’m about to develop) I usually invest around $1,000 in a month and will see profits of $200 – $500 a month or two later.  This also provides me with another site to spread the risks of Google penalties in case one of them gets hit.

    If I invested income in an existing site such as InstantWinGames.org I’d probably only see an increase in $100 – $200 per month which doesn’t really float my boat.

    Anyway, I know I have to being smart with my income and with respect to the future.  Small page mini-sites are only going to get hit by Google in the long run and now is the time to be investing in brandable sites.  But I would rather wait until I’m making proper money such as $5k/month before I challenge myself with trying to make a big portal site like PokerListings.com and trying to rank for big keywords.

    My affiliate strategy right now I think is to keep building couple more mini-sites to get my income up to where I want it to be and then use the income from these sites to plough back into my min projects.  If you move away from the “mini-site” model too quickly than you’re just going to be stuck on a large site that isn’t ranking for anything.

    April Affiliate Goals

    My goals for April will be to a) increase traffic on my existing sites and b) build a new site MobileCasinoBonus.org. I also registered MobileCasinoReviews.org the other day which I thought may come in handy.  I’m also going to on holiday in Israel for 10 days away from my computer – need a rest.

    I’ve got a new theme design for my instant win games site to be implemented this month.  Hopefully I’ll increase traffic from 1,000 up to 2,000 per month with a handful of new pages and advertising deals.  This “should” help to increase my signups and conversions.

    I think this site is kind of cool because instant win games such as slots, scratch cards and table games are still in the casino market.  Thus, with this site I’ll be able to break away from instant win games directly into the casino market when I have enough traction.  Basically it would be growing from a niche site for instant win games into a proper casino portal.

    In the mobile gaming niche, I a plan to kick a little more traffic to iphonegambling.org.  Traffic is reaching around 900/month right now so I’d like to shoot this up to 1500/month and hope to report some a handful of real money casino players by the end of the month.

    Finally, I think I’m going to put up a page on my snoods.org site.  The reason for doing this is that I want to see where abouts it ranks in the SERPS.  It it manages to get on to the 1st page than I think I may as well do some SEO on this to get it into the top 3 spots and generate a little side revenue.  I will then use this revenue to buy an iPad2 or other shit.

    Overall, I’d be looking for about $3.5k income.

    Personal Goals

    I’ve started running a few times a week.  I’m really interested in getting into shape, not the “starve yourself and lose weight diet” but actually do something that’s good for my body and get it into shape.  I love the idea that pro athletes have bigger, more efficient hearts, lower resting heart rates and greater lung capacity.  This is pretty much what’s inspiring me lol, just to get my body in shape like these guys.

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