April Goals + New Projects and Domains

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    April was a good month for me overall. I took a nice break in Israel, played some golf, and had another deep think about affiliate marketing as a possible career.

    Even with the “Black Friday” news which has shut off most of the US poker market (and possibly casino), I still think I managed to do OK this month.

    April Goals

    • Launched MobileCasinoBonus.org Site – Pretty much finished (I changed from a Windows to Linux hosting in Godaddy.com which is why the site looks messed up at the moment).
    • Bought a Ton of New Domains to Develop
    • New website and page on Snoods.org (ranking 3rd page)
    • Started to outsource around $200-$300 of content for the first time
    • Increased traffic and negotiated CPL on my games site
    • Picked up some real money mobile casino players
    • $3.5k revenue goals – hit $3.8k with the help of a small website sale

    Problems with a Few of my sites

    Even though I’m happy with my income level at the moment I’m pretty annoyed at the lack of success with a couple of my sites.  It just goes to show that not every site you make is guaranteed to be successful.

    To begin with, my online games site has been picking up a lot of traffic and 50+ sign ups per month; however none of this is converting into real money players.  This has basically made me want to stop investing/working on it since I’m not going to see any ROI.  I’m also still waiting for my new theme to be installed.

    I have no idea why none of my games players are converting – even with a 10% conversion rate and $150 CPA it should be making $500+ per month.  The fact that I’m picking up so many players yet they’re not depositing is just irritating.  The good news is that I’ve just managed to secure a nice CPL deal here for a few months which should help me generate $300+ per month for the time being.

    Secondly, my financial spread betting site is still penalised and receiving no traffic in Google.com.  I submitted a site re-inclusion request at the beginning of the month and have taken down 80% of my CTAs.  Again, this site would have been making me $500+ per month if it wasn’t currently penalised.

    Finally, I was going to complain about my iPhone casino site since it hadn’t picked up a single real money player.  Then, just as the last week of April came to an end I managed to pick up a bunch of mobile casino players depositing $500+ each on revenue share.  Strange timing I guess.  I also have plans to implement a new smart phone geo-targeting device to create custom landing pages for iPhone traffic (this should massively increase conversion rate).

    New Projects and Domains

    OK so I hadn’t planned on picking up any new domains at the beginning of the month but for some reason I just felt inspired to buy a bunch of these bonus domains given their price and value as an investment to me.





    I think that all these domains are strong and should yield a good profitable network.  Given my past experiences above with sites that have picked up plenty of free players but no depositors, I think these domains should promise good results each capable of making $500+/month. The Bingo domain in particular is something I’m fond of since it’s mainly UK-focused and has limited US risk exposure.

    In order to not spread myself too thinly (which is how it probably looks) I’ve decided to 301 my old site PlayOnlineCraps.co.uk to CrapsBonus.org, sell BingoSiteReviews.org in order to invest in BingoBonuses.net.  I’m forgetting about BlackjackBonuses.org for the time being and I’m currently building SlotsBonuses.org – aiming to make money by May/June.

    Registered Domains

    I also registered another quality mobile domain, BettingMobile.org.  Again, this isn’t the most “amazing” exact-match domain but I think if I start ranking for mobile betting, mobile sports betting apps etc than it’s easily capable of making $500+/month.

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