April Affiliate Recap and May Goals 2013

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    April was an OK month.  I achieved quite a lot business wise although I did spend an awful lot of money on new domains, projects, designs and coding.

    It’s actually getting quite hard remembering everything that I’ve done this month, but here’s a good overview:

    • Designed and installed new theme on Graduates.co.uk with more content, sections and an eBook on the way.
    • Added a new theme to Teens.co.uk plus hired some more writers
    • Bought and started a couple of new mini-sites which I’ll outline below
    • Overhauling my trading website, improving coding of certain pages and hiring 4-5 writers with preparations to get it into Google News
    • Bought a new domain, TradeProfits.com, which I think is a good investment for a trading site that I might want to develop in the future
    • Started a new project with a partner which I don’t want to mention yet as it’s still not ready!
    • Undertaken more research and strategies to generate traffic away from Google

    Two New Websites Bought and Launched

    It’s not often I gloat about new websites purchased or started although in this case I was really proud of some of the purchases I made last month.

    First of all, I bought a six year old, PR5 NHS smoking website, SmokeFreeEngland.co.uk, that receives 6,000 visitors per month for under $2,000.  It was originally a dropped domain (re-launched under the government open license just a couple of months later) and it has around 1,000 root domain links from government, health, news, university and smoking sites.

    To be honest I have little plans to develop the site as yet.  I bought it for value really and see a number of ways to make my money back including flipping to smoking affiliates, developing an e-cigarette affiliate site on it or selling advertising on numerous PR4 inner pages.

    A week later I also stumbled across the domain StudentFinanceCalculator.co.uk in a big domain sales thread for just $200.  This term gets 15k exacts in the UK and I actually already have my own student finance calculator tool coded one of my other sites.  I’ve basically re-installed this tool on this EMD mini-site in the hope that it will rank easily for its term and soak up natural backlinks.  I’ll also use the additional traffic and PR from this site in order to collect additional emails and create further opportunities for advertising on my student network.

    May Affiliate Goals

    I’m providing an overhaul of strategy for my main trading website, which revolves around hiring 5-6 writers to try to get the site into Google news and become a real authority in its industry.  I basically want to take the site to the next level.  This also includes getting videos made and expanding the social media campaign.

    On my graduates site I’m going to be launching a new eBook as well doing some expensive PR for it.  I’m hoping to get it into the newspapers and get some traction going with it.  My aim is to turn it into the best graduate careers advice and postgrad study-funding portal.

    In general I really want to pivot my business away from Google – this means finding alternative traffic sources and revenues. In 6-12 months time I’d like my traffic to be something more like this:

    33% from Search (90% Google, 10% other – so only 30% of my total traffic is from google, including navigational brand queries)
    25% Direct Type-ins
    25% Referrals
    10% Social
    7% other (including email, forums, word of mouth)

    I have a lot of ideas on how to do this.  I also think it’s important to outline that guest posts are an excellent way of generating traffic.  If you can add 5 guest posts per month which bring an extra five visitors per day then that’s an increase in 750 visitors per month!  In other words, regardless of whether you consider guest posts white hat or against Google’s guidelines, they are a completely natural form of marketing which I can’t see Google penalising (at least high quality guest posts on high editorial sites where one of the main intents is to generate more referral traffic).

    Finally, I’m planning to add a new Ultimate Guide to Disavowing Links article to my SEO site Searchable.co.uk later today, which will provide a series of shortcuts and advice for formatting the disavow file really quickly after exporting links from other tools.   Hopefully it will get some good link bait and PR – I’ll link to it here when it’s ready.

    FYI: Just wanted to say thanks to Pat from SmartPassiveIncome.com and Affaholic.com for linking to one of the interviews I did with James here: http://www.affiliatefyi.com/interview-with-james-from-mum-network-ltd.  Interviews are honestly a great way to build natural links to your site (both by being interviewed and interviewing others).

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