Another .CO Domain and Why You’re Better Off Starting Again on a New Domain After a Penalty

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    Today I just bought another new .co domain off a friend,, for low three figures.

    co-womanThe reason I bought the domain is because I wanted to re-launch my Penguin’d site on the new domain, and give it a fresh start.  Transferring a WP site only takes around an hour and even if it earns me just one CPA per month then that’s already paid for the domain.

    I personally think it’s impossible to recover from Penguin regardless of how many links you remove or disavow now, and it seems much more cost-effective just to start again on a new domain.  I don’t think enough SEO agencies tell this to their clients.  The sad truth is that you can either spend tends of thousands of pounds paying an agency to detect, research and remove toxic links for you in the hope that your site comes back or you can take back control and just start again on a new domain.

    Earlier this week, I also moved two other sites to my new .co domains.  This includes >, >, and then >, which I moved over last month.

    As you can tell from above, the second reason I bought the domain is because I have now have a nice collection of these .co websites/domains.  Again, I think .co is a great investment for a TLD.  I’m not sure why someone would want to develop a commercial website on a .org over a .co domain, especially when the latter is getting so much traction from brands and startups.  I also think it’s a much more appealing, friendlier domain to have in your URL.  The downside to these .co domains is the high renewal fees of $30/yr, which was intentionally set this high to prevent cyber squatters.  Other companies that have started using .co include Stabucks (, American Express (, Google ( and Twitter (

    I also managed to register the other day, which has 17,000 exact global searches or something silly.  I’d love to make a quick flip for this domain if anyone’s interested.

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