Analysing Your Competitor’s Backlinks

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    Analysing your Competitors’ Backlinks

    Affiliating, just like any other off-line business, requires a bit of market research. Analysing your competition’s backlinks is one of the most important things that you can do when your starting new sites in new niches. It’s something that I’ve done successfully for every site that I’ve built.

    Below I’m going to explain how analysing your competitions backlinks can help you as an affiliate. Useful tools for doing this include seositecheckup, yahoo site explorer and seomoz.

    1) How Competitive is a Particular Niche? When you start building new sites in new niches – or target keywords that you have no knowledge of – it can be quite hard knowing exactly how competitive the market is.  This same thing happened when I started to build my spread betting site. It was a market that I had no background or previous experiences in.

    Doing a quick skim of the competition (ranking for your target keywords) however helps you to make a judgment call on this.  You can even analyse backlinks for a specific inner page.  Is the competition difficult or flatulent?  For example, if your competition only has 100 backlinks from low quality websites and article directories than it’s very likely that you’ll be able to outrank him with ease.  On the other hand, if your competition’s backlink profile is flooded with links from authoritative PR4-5 sites than it’s going to be an entirely different story.

    You can do quick 10 minute backlink research to see exactly how competitive a particular keyword is, which in turn will help you to learn how quickly you’ll be able to outrank him for that keyword and start seeing an ROI.

    It also helps to know whether your main competition is intentionally trying to rank for that keyword or whether he purely ranks for it by chance.  If it’s the latter than you should count yourself lucky and hope that he doesn’t discover it for himself!

    Finally, you can use a really great tool called “MajesticSEO” to check any website’s backlink campaign to see if they’re regularly investing in new links.

    2) Get Backlinks from your Competitors Sources: By checking who’s done a link exchange with your competitor’s site you can find new link partners and websites to obtain links from. I honestly can’t stress this point enough because when you enter new niches some times it can be very hard and time consuming to find websites similar to yours which you can exchange links with.  You might end up being forced to scroll to page 6 of google for certain phrases to find potential sites that will link to you.  Again, this happened to me in the spread betting niche – there aren’t many spread betting sites out there that will be happy linking out to new sites.  A lot of them require PR2 status etc…

    Some affiliates have this attitude that if you go through your competitors backlinks and copy their link profile than you’re just playing “catch-up” and won’t ever outrank them.  This is because their links have had more time to settle and their website is older than yours.

    That is complete rubbish though.  Of course is you ONLY copy their backlink profile than your site will be a mirror image of theirs, but if you copy lets say ten of your competitors backlinks than your site would be 10x more authrotative than theirs.  You can also use your current skype contacts and regular link exchange partners to be one up on them.

    3) Find New Article Directories: This might or might not apply to everyone but it certainly applied to me.  In the experiences that I’ve gone through studying my competitions backlinks I’ve managed to find all sorts of new article directories that I’d never heard of.  I’d even managed to find article directories related to my particular site i.e. financial investing.  Thus, by finding these gems of article directories you can compile a list of them on your computer.  I think my article marketing list contains about 20+ different sites that I can publish my own articles on with links.  Article sites such as Ezines tend to get re-published and syndicated all over the web too.  Extra links etc.

    4) Make More Contacts from New Webmasters: This has happened to me a few times where I’ve seen a site that’s linked to my competitor. I then send that site an email for a link exchange and after a few link exchanges I end up making a new contact on skype.  This contact now has a network of 30+ sites in different niches, which means I now have a great contact on my skype to exchange links with!  Obviously you’re not going to add someone on skype during every link exchange, but sometimes it can happen. In fact, by going through other UK affiliates blogs (outside of gaming) I’ve found massive blog sites aka PR4+ and webmasters who are happy to link to me now that I have introduced myself to them.

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