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    I’ve got a bit of spare time today so thought I would write an update on the status on my new project here,

    It’s been around 1 month since I posted my goals and intentions for this blog, and I just wanted to keep everyone updated on the progress.  Like I said before, I’m going to write down my progress with this site in terms of traffic, income and content to keep it interesting for visitors who follow my blog.

    First of all, since I did the 301 re-direct from, 99% of the indexed pages from my old URL have been removed.  Almost all my pages on my new URL are now indexed and ranking well in  SERP traffic is still lower then it used to be however time will fix this.

    For the first time, I’ve began properly investing in SEO for this blog in February 2012 (I think I’m spending around $200-$300 this month).  I’ve got a dozen or so natural links in the past and done link exchanges with other webmasters, but now I’m targeting my inner pages and specific rankings.

    The keywords I’m aiming for right now include “affiliate marketing blog” and “affiliate blog” type searches, which will attract a lot of natural followers and beginner affiliates.  I’ve also set up a facebook page with automatic post updates, which should make it easier to build a social profile.


    Traffic is still around 30/day, which is exactly the same as it was on my old website.  A lot of this comes from signature links, RSS feeds and personal bookamers however, so as my SEO improves I’m hoping for some good increases in traffic, ideally up to 50-60/day by March.  I’m also getting spikes of traffic up to 60 per day for each post I write, but in general it’s been a slow start traffic-wise.

    Income Goals

    I’ve had adsense on my blog for around 1 month now and seen very poor conversions.  This clearly isn’t the way forward however I’ll just leave it on for the time being just in case (I’m not going to complain about £1 CPCs!).

    I’ve had 1 or 2 signups to programs I’ve promoted in the last few articles I’ve done but again I’m not expecting much to change until my traffic improves.

    Strategy for the Blog

    I’m a little bit clearer about how I’m going to monetise and build this blog.  I’m currently putting together a series of “how to guides” which are in the planning stage (I previously wrote an article on building an Amazon affiliate site) and you can expect a 20k word eBook sometime soon to help me capture emails.

    I’m also getting a friend who’s really experienced in building successful ecommerce sites to add a few articles to my site and review some products for me.  Normally I’d like to write everything myself, but I’m happy finding an experienced, high quality writer for topics that I don’t feel comfortable writing about.  I basically want to cover everything on my blog and not limit it to my own experiences.

    I’m also going to write a 10-15 article series on making an affiliate site capable of making $500-$1k per month.  Most bloggers tend to only explain how to make micro niche adsense sites with blackhat strategies, so I think it should be a breath of fresh air to explain how to make high quality, sustainable websites which will have a lower attrition rate in  I also know from previous experiences that following live case studies is really interesting on other affiliate blogs, but I think I talk about my sites enough in my monthly blog updates, and I don’t want to give every single scruple of information of my individual earnings and strategy for each site.  At the moment it’s just something I’m thinking about.

    Anyway, that’s all.  I’m also regularly contacting other bloggers and doing interviews/guest posts to build my brand traffic, so if anyone if reading this and is interested in getting in touch please email me at!  Also please LIKE my facebook page on the left if you don’t mind.


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