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    I wanted to update this blog a little so decided to write an article about how I plan my workload on a daily basis.  I’m juggling numerous projects at the moment and hiring even more writers for my projects, so much so that I could probably keep 2-3 employees busy on full-time basis if I had an office and enough money to pay for their salaries!

    I tend to split my day into three segments so that I can break up my workload a bit.

    9 AM (Work Load No.1) – Wake Up, Check Emails, Check Traffic, Browse Forums, Check Twitter Streams, Skype Conversations and News Updates

    Corner_Suite2I guess 9AM is a really lazy wakeup time for most people, although for affiliates I’m not too sure.  I’ve started getting quite a lot of phone calls at around 9.15-9.30 and it’s got to the point where I need to start getting up early in order to answer these calls.

    After making a cup of tea, I’ll check my emails, Skype and scan the Internet for my daily news and information absorption (this includes the major Search news sites as well as Twitter, BBC News and BBC Football).

    I try to spend the mornings replying to emails and prioritizing my workload for the day.  I ask myself what I need to get done in order of priority.  For example, if I’m ordering 30 pages of content that I know will take 1-2 weeks to complete than I’ll try to get that sorted out first.

    I also try to dedicate my day towards a certain project (two at max).  This includes analyzing the site, assessing if I want to invest money in any tools, advertising spots, managing, editing or uploading content and analyzing my user experience and traffic etc.

    I genuinely feel like the best performing sites might not have as many links as an average site ranking 1st page used to have last year but they do have regular, fresh content published on a daily basis and probably better usability scores which is improving their rankings.  Therefore I’m really trying to move away from ordering content in chunks and uploading it, to a more fluid system of regularly updated, editorial content.  The issue of course is that it’s easier to order in chunks and upload it in a 2-hour session, rather than spending 15 minutes every day uploading content to a site.  This is why I’m trying to find some reliable writers who can upload news content themselves.

    12 PM (Workload No.1) – Manage Content, Speak to Advertisers, Edit Websites, Manage Writers and Deal with Emails

    This is when I get the majority of my actual work done.  I’ll send various emails to advertisers, send payments, receive invoices, mange my writers and respond to any issues that come up.

    The sad fact is, while I could spend this time writing content for my own sites, I’ve got so many projects that I need enough spare time in my day to just have an overall view of everything (i.e. project manager role).  Things always come up which I have to respond to such as advertisers wanting to speak with me, writers sending me content, partners to speak to, phone calls etc.

    I also spend quite a lot of time analyzing the marketplace, seeing where I could improve or add useful tools to my site such as this one at the bottom of the page, plus I browse the business forums I use at least once per day.  For example, here at I’ve done a large amount of business buying, selling and developing premium domains.

    If I have time, I might try to write an article for my affiliate or SEO blog,  The problem I find with writing however is that if I’m going to write something than a lot of the time I get more value writing as guest posts on authority sites such as the Guardian, Search Engine Journal, startup magazines or interviews with other sites.  The fact is, if I’m going to write than I may as well write on topics that I’m an expert on (which money can’t buy) as opposed to writing content for my own sites that could be outsourced for $20 per article.  And while I’d love to write more on, the fact that it’s Penguin’d means that the number of visitors who will actually see my articles is really low.

    4PM (Workload No.3) – I’ve got off-peak gym membership at my local gym so I usually go there at around 2-3PM then come back and do some more work.

    At this point I’m just doing low intensity work: sending articles out, responding to emails, communicating with other affiliates or AMs on Skype, checking everything is still running smoothly.  I spend a lot of time trying to plan ahead, reading articles on social media strategies and comparing what the leading sites are doing as well as trying to forge partnerships and might have the odd meeting during the week to see my consulting clients.

    Sometimes if I’m really motivated by a project I might be working from 4PM – 9PM hooked on addiction.  For example, when I’m having something designed or coded it’s easier speaking to my coder so we can make changes in real-time rather than sending emails back and forth.

    So that’s my day for you.  Overall it’s mostly centered around communicating and managing writers/AMs/marketers/coders and assessing competition to see where I could improve my sites.

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