A Simple Guide to Testing Page Conversions

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    Testing which pages of your website convert, regardless of what niche you’re in, is something you should be doing. When it comes to internal page link building if you want to get the best ROI you possibly can then knowing which of your websites pages are making you money is very important. Buying links or spending time getting links to pages which don’t make money is something you don’t want to be doing.

    In this simple guide to testing page conversions I’m going to show you how to set up a system which allows you to test which pages are making you money. It’s simple because anyone can do it.

    Setting up to Test Page Conversions

    There are loads of fancy ways to test your page conversions using Google analytics, visitor tracking systems and click maps but in my opinion a great way to get started is just to log into your favourite stats program and take a note of your top 5 pages in terms of incoming traffic.

    From here log into the backend of the affiliate programs you are promoting on these pages and start creating separate tracking links for each page. Make sure you clearly name them so you know which link is on which page.

    *Some programs only supply one link to begin with. Off the top of my head PokerStars and Bodog but usually if you drop your affiliate manager an email it’s possible to get more set up.

    You now have two choices you can either edit the links into your page directly or if you’re using a /go/ folder you can create /go/affiliateprogram1.php /go/affilaiteprogram2.php and so on and so forth. Then edit the links into your page by just altering the html of the link to add the correct numerical value.

    What you now have when you view your stats in the backend of your affiliate program is a breakdown of the five different pages plus the rest of your site.

    Now it’s all about the waiting game. It really depends on how much traffic your pages are getting as to how long you need to wait to determine your results but after a month or so you should have a pretty good idea if the pages you’re looking at are making you money or not.

    From the stats you’ve now got you can work out a whole host of different pieces of data.

    Analysing Your Conversion Stats

    To keep things simple the first thing you’re obviously going to look at is if the page has sent any signups or not and whether the signups have converted into real money players.

    If a page is sending a lot of signups but no real money players or if a page is doing very little then it’s safe to assume that you’re either doing a really poor job of converting your traffic of the traffic you are getting just doesn’t convert.

    In the above situation, which isn’t an uncommon one even for pages with high traffic, you now need to look at how many page views the page has received vs. how many clicks you’ve had through to your affiliate programs.

    If the number of clicks to views is less than about 15% then you’re not doing a great job with your calls to action. In this situation with a page like this football betting sites one I’d fiddle with my on page affiliate links. I’d make sure that I had good exposure above the fold on my page (at the top which can be seen without scrolling) and I’d make sure that I had exposure at the foot of the article as well. I might make the table bigger or switch around which programs appear in what order.

    If you can get 25% or more of people that are viewing your page to click an affiliate link then you’re doing a good job. For the record the best pages I have around 45% of visitors will click an affiliate link.

    In the above situation when a good percentage of visitors are clicking your affiliate links but not converting then it’s safe to say that the type of traffic that page gets will not convert. In this situation I’ll move my testing to another page and keep looking for the ones which are making me money. I now know that it’s not worth investing time, money or premium exposure on my site to that specific page.

    The key to this whole process is working out which pages you should be focusing your efforts on in terms of on page improvements and link building to give you the best possible ROI.

    Author: David (Doovde on PAL) who’s new website online betting sites is all about truly showing players where the best places to gamble online are.

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