3 Strategies for Making Money from Niches in Affiliate Marketing

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    This article describes the three different methods of making money from targeting niches in affiliate marketing.

    What is a Niche?

    A lot of successful affiliate marketers will bang on about targeting niches in order to make more money.

    What many affiliates fail to take into account however is that pretty much any online market can be classified as a niche.

    The internet is still in its infancy and considering that affiliate marketing is an extremely new industry, pretty much anything that you decide to do as any affiliate will be niche marketing.

    It makes it very hard to define what is and isn’t a niche in online marketing though.  For example, many people may classify online gaming or even online poker as a niche.  You could take that even further and say that poker bonuses or poker reviews are a niche.  You could than go even further and create a poker bonuses or reviews site that specifically targets Ongame Network or Merge Network poker sites.  The list goes on…  Until of course, you get to the point that the niche that you’re targeting doesn’t receive enough traffic to be profitable.

    3 Ways of Making Money from Niches – SEO, Branded Sites or Getting There First!

    From my one and a bit year of being an affiliating I’ve noticed that there are more or less 3 different strategies for making money by targeting niches.

    1) Dominate the Serps of a Particular Niche through SEO

    Many of the most successful affiliate companies such as PokerListings.com have made a massive amount of money by spending a lot on SEO and ranking for extremely competitive and lucrative keywords in Google.

    PokerListings.com (and their sister site PokerJunkie.com) rank for highly lucrative keywords in the online poker niche such as “poker bonus”, “best poker bonus”, “best poker sites”, “best poker tournament sites” and more.

    • BTW, if you’re interested in finding out which keywords your competitors rank for than you should consider signing up to SEMRush.  This lets you type in your competitors website (e.g. PokerListings.com) and than it displays the top 200 keywords that they organically rank for in Google and how much traffic these keywords bring.

    Hell, you can see the keywords that PokerListings.com are prioritising just by looking at their menu; e.g. Best Online Poker Sites, US Poker Sites, Best Poker Bonuses, Poker Room Reviews etc….

    They will have spent heavily on SEO in order to succeed, but the fruits for their labour are definitely there. Some affiliates have suggested that the PokerListings.com network earns more than $1 million per month by ranking for these phrases.

    Of course, PokerListings.com isn’t just a one-trick pony.  They are a well branded site with regularly updated news article and lots of interesting strategy articles.  And although their best poker rankings or strategy articles may not be the best, it doesn’t really matter because the majority of their profits will come from ranking for keywords and attracting new players.

    2) Become an Authoritative Site in a Niche by Providing the Best Content and Information

    Another great way to make money from a niche (and arguably the most revered) is to make the best content for a particular subject and dominate it through sheer size. brand-awareness and quality.

    When you build an authoritative site on a topic with the best content than you won’t need to rely on making money by ranking for one-off keywords.  Your site will naturally garner attention over time, other webmasters will link to you, and you’ll be mentioned through online communities and forums.  There is a lot more longevity in this strategy and a lot less risk getting penalised in Google. On top of this, you’ll receive repeat visits and have people signing up for your email newsletters because they want to receive your content.

    Some of the best examples of branded, authoritative sites targeting different niches include SitandGoPlanet.com, WizardofOdds.com, TheSportsGeek.com and ThePokerBank.com.

    These sites are some of the best in their niches.  Notice that SNGPlanet.com doesn’t rank no.1 for “SNG Strategy” or “Sit and Go Poker Strategy”.  But each of these sites contains enough value-added, unique content to receive thousands of long tails and repeat visitors each month.

    3) Create your own Niche and Take Advantage of First-Mover Advantage

    The most entrepreneurial type of niche conquest is to get to a niche before anyone else and react to changes in demand in the market.  By taking advantage of first-mover advantage (economics/business term), you can monetise a niche before anyone else gets a chance.  The risk > rewards ratio is also very small because there is no cost with little or no competition.

    I guess an example of this method of making money from a new niche could be my site iPhoneBetting.org or even PokerHUD.org.  Both of these sites make money by targeting newly emerging markets, and both of these sites were easy to monetise and bring traffic to.  Remember that I made the iPhoneBetting.org site in just 2 weeks back in October 2010.

    Conclusion on Affiliate Strategies for Targeting Niches

    I think that there is a strong attitude among new affiliates that because the so called “big affiliates” like PokerListings.com are spending millions trying to rank for competitive phrases, it means that it is impossible for anyone else to compete or make money.  This is exactly how I felt when I started one year ago.  These sites spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollar per month on SEO bills in order to rank and maintain positions for competitive keywords.

    If you’r a new affiliate than you can basically forget about this strategy.  You’d need a whole team of SEO specialists, writers, time and investment to make money through this approach.

    However what this article should have shown is that there are several different strategies for building sites that make money in different niches.

    By building a brandable, content rich site that has fantastic content as its USP, it will eventually drive traffic.  This approach will take some time to achieve and you will need some SEO experience in order to build up momentum, but most importantly it is achievable given a 6 month – 1 year time frame.

    The last point, building a site that targets a new niche with little competition, is going to be your best strategy for making money quickly as an affiliate.  There are risks involved in that the traffic might be low at first, but overall if you register a keyword rich domain, get there first and have good on-page optimisation for conversions than you will be making money before you know it.

    And most importantly of all you’ll see that I have linked to those authoritative sites above such as SitandGoPlanet.com.  This is called natural linkage and as you can see it does happen!

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