2013 Business Goals

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    It’s that time of the year where everyone is writing down his or her business goals for 2013.

    Before I post my 2013 goals, it makes sense to post a 2012 recap.

    2012 – A Mentally Taxing and Challenging Year with a Happy Ending

    2012 had so many ups and downs for my business.  Revenue, traffic and rankings were lost here or there, I almost decided to quit twice (based on lost revenue and external pressure) however I made it through to the end of the year in good financial stead.

    The one thing this year has taught me is that in order to be successful you need to work really hard, add enough value to your business and be open to working with others rather than doing everything on your own.  If you fail at any one of those things than I don’t think you have a good chance of success.

    I made a lot of good investments in premium domains in 2012 (probably spent £25k+) and in the latter half the year I was investing a lot more in content, which is a much smarter investment than links.

    I sold one of my websites for enough money to justify to anyone what I do.  In the last few months I also incorporated my business, got more into social media and moved the foundations of my business into the finance and education nice.

    Finally, I started my own consultancy at ARGMedia.co.uk, which is doing well and will hopefully create more stable income for me next year.  I’m also going to be part of the judging panel for the IGB Affiliate Awards next year, which is ridiculously cool.

    2013 Business Goals

    My goals for 2013 are pretty simple.

    • Reduce dependence from Google down to 50% of my income
    • Diversify traffic sources to social media, referral links, PR, forums and direct type-in traffic.
    • Build a couple of real brands which are recognized in their industry
    • De-penalize at least three of my sites
    • Start writing regularly for authority SEO and internet marketing blogs or even a major UK newspaper (I’d love to get paid to write as a side-income)
    • Expand clients, services and increase revenues for my consultancy
    • Run at least one successful PPC campaign
    • Run at least one successful weekly newsletter
    • Make smart re-investments into the right areas of my business
    • Find an office to share with someone else

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